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Link joker deck

The X-Men comic book series depicts a training room which was originally depicted as a mechanical affair, but later as using holograms and other sensory simulation. Some users are shown to develop a pathological addiction to the holodeck, a condition known to the characters as "holo-addiction". After stopping the beam, the new Batman tracked Joker down to his hideout an abandoned Candy Factory called the Jolly Jack and confronted Tim. Eckhardt at Axis Chemicals, Jack was born in Brooklyn. After he killed Eckhardt, and then caught a ricocheted bullet through his cheeks when he tried to do the same to Batman, in a panic, Jack lost his balance, and fell off the catwalk.

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【対戦動画】 CARDFIGHT! VANGUARD: Death Star-vader Chaos Breaker Deluge Deck Profile (Link Joker) 【ヴァンガード】

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Link joker deck

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