Manual of funeral directing

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Manual of funeral directing

A person found in violation of this chapter or a regulation promulgated under this chapter may be required to pay costs associated with the investigation and prosecution of the case in accordance with Section Such conveyance and transfer shall be subject to all agreements as to lots sold and all trusts, restrictions and conditions upon the title or use of such real property and assets. A funeral director or embalmer may not place the funeral director's or embalmer's license on inactive status unless the funeral director or embalmer is in good standing with the board and is in compliance with applicable continuing education requirements. The first number identifies the required number of lecture hours per week for a regular semester. Students are guaranteed the transfer of applicable credits and the equitable treatment in the application of credits for the admissions and degree requirements. The design of this course is to meet the needs of individuals attempting Advanced Cardiac Life Support for the first time and to meet the needs of individuals wanting to pursue or update skills in electrocardiography.

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How to Become a Mortician / Funeral Director: Part 1

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Manual of funeral directing

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